Clarkson Village Gateway

Creating a landmark for a historic village

Client City of Mississauga

Located at the intersection of two busy roads, the gateway and plaza offer a symbolic welcome to Clarkson Village. The weathered steel archway symbolizes an open barn door and frames an idealized orchard representative of the area’s agricultural roots. Partially enclosing the park is a dry laid wall of local Credit Valley stone and a woven steel fence.

The horse and buggy silhouette atop the gate reinforces the Clarkson Village identity, and part of the structure identifies Twin Spruce Park. The plaza provides seating areas for transit riders and park visitors, and its open design and low fencing allow clear views that make the area feel safe. Native grasses, drought tolerant shrubs and hardy crab apple trees provide year-round visual appeal, support local biodiversity, improve air quality, and reduce the urban heat island effect.

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Mississauga, Canada
Opened 2014


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