Key Projects


Urban areas are home to just over 80% of Canadians, so making these cities, towns and municipalities more liveable is important. We master plan entire communities where people live, work and shop. We work with every level of government and with private developers to find sustainable ways to stay connected with nature, whether it’s a single building or a whole new population centre.

ESRI Canada's Garden in the Sky

Learn how a once-paved, under-used 9th floor terrace is converted into a multiple award-winning roof garden.

Market Wharf Condominiums

See how three separate roof gardens enhance vertical living for residents of a Toronto condominium building.

Regent Park Block 20

Discover how an 11-storey community housing building gains 2,800 square metres of functional outdoor space.

West Don Lands Block 1

See how a central courtyard connects the residents of three community buildings.

Wasaga Beach

Learn how a struggling summer town will transform into a vibrant, year-round destination with a dynamic commercial core.

St. Elizabeth Mills

Experience the feel-good factor of an active lifestyle community inspired by the laid-back vibe of a themed resort.