Creative Studio

The creative studio, managed by Anna Szczepaniak, is the creative wellspring at FORREC, and a team you won’t often see in other design firms.

We place such a high priority on making our clients’ projects work as stories with a distinctive look, that we built a team just for this purpose. Almost 20 highly skilled creative professionals spend their days coming up with ideas that are as compelling as they are works of art. Illustrators sketch by hand and then bring their images to life on electronic tablets, while 3-D renderers build flythroughs and interactive models, artists mock up 2-D characters, and creative directors lead pin up sessions that push the boundaries of design. All studios in FORREC cross paths with the creative studio at some point because this team is truly the playground where ideas come to life. It’s a group that loves to find the story at the heart of our clients’ projects. And one that attracts the top talent from the leading design schools in Canada, thanks to FORREC scholarships created to support design education. Our clients expect that we’ll see things differently. The creative studio makes sure that happens.

Creative Studio
  • Creative/Art direction
  • 2-D design (e.g. murals, elevations and props)
  • 3-D design (e.g. massing models,
    detailed models)
  • Sketch art and key art illustration
  • Character development
  • Story development
  • Speed paintings
  • Storyboards, concept boards, illustrated stories
  • Video editing
  • Animations and flythroughs