Architecture Studio

The architecture team, ably led by Court Sin, is not your usual architectural discipline, largely because of the work FORREC does.

Our clients are adventurous and look to us to bring entertainment value to their projects. We know that you want an architectural team that’s skilled enough to know how to build, but also imaginative enough to want to experiment and bring something new to the table. That’s what makes our 30-person architecture studio so unique – we’re working for your guests. We want them to visit the venue and come away with a good feeling about what they experienced. So we look at the totality of the project – the views, vistas, entrances and exits, and the buildings themselves. Our architects can master plan the size and scale of all sites – from a 60 square metre public art pavilion to 650-hectare mixed use + entertainment developments. By collaborating with our other studios, they ensure that every detail is considered, but they’re equally good at conceptualizing some amazing things – like a giant lion waterfall that’s the unexpected entrance to a theme park. Because as much as we can offer you all the important qualifications, you should also know that we aren’t afraid to have fun.

Architecture Studio
  • Master planning
  • Concept sketches
  • 3-D modelling (e.g. SketchUp, Rhino, Revit)
  • BIM modelling (e.g Revit)
  • Detailed digital drawings (e.g. 2-D and 3-D AutoCAD, Revit)
  • Written specifications
  • Coordination of consultants (from concept to contract administration)
  • Product research and assessment
  • Full Ontario architectural services (i.e. OAA memberships and certified to practice in Ontario)