Water Parks

A water park is, above all, a park first. And designing one is about more than picking the right attractions from a catalogue; it’s about knowing how to combine the elements, wet, dry and social to make the visit memorable. Our very first water park, in Canada’s West Edmonton Mall, was the largest and a pioneer in North America. Since then, and after 30 years of international water park design, we’re known as innovators, thinkers of grand ideas and enthusiastic rejuvenators of existing sites.

Key Projects

Happy Magic Watercube

How do you turn an iconic building from the 2008 Beijing Olympics into a family-friendly indoor water park in less than two years? Spectacularly!

Center Parcs Domaine des Trois Forêts

Center Parcs, a world leader in water park resort destinations, asks FORREC for a fresh take on a new generation of water park.

Wanda Xishuangbanna Water Park

Celebrating the harmony of humans and the natural environment in the spirit of fun and enjoyment is what this newly-opened park is all about.

Caribbean Bay Everland Resort

See what happens when one of the world’s most successful water parks looks for big idea thinking to keep ahead of the competition in Korea and globally.

Costa Caribe, PortAventura

Costa Caribe was the first time a standalone, gated Universal Studios park had been completely outsourced for design – and FORREC was the source they chose.

California Beach, Gyeongju World

Experience a day at the beach, soaking up the youthful energy, dynamic colours and endless summer atmosphere that have long defined California beach culture.

NRH2O Family Water Park

A 20-year-old Texas water park gets a next-generation update with a brand makeover that includes a whole new look and compelling story.

Chimelong Water Park Expansion

Explore a water park expansion where the mysteries and treasures in the deepest parts of an equatorial jungle are waiting to be discovered.

Xiangjiang Happy Water Village

See how an old, abandoned rock quarry plays a major starring role in the design of this extraordinary water park.

West Edmonton Mall, World Water Park

Discover how this groundbreaking, history-making indoor water park set a standard for a whole new kind of retail adventure and shook up an entire industry.

Nickelodeon Family Suites Resort Water Park

Put a popular TV brand together with a well-known hospitality brand and get a whole new kind of water park resort.

Lotte World Kimhae Water Park

Classic American road trips take an unexpected turn to become waterways of fun and adventure in this experiential water park.

Senbo Green Park Resort

Find out how two ancient eco-worshipping tribes celebrated the wonders of nature, shielded under a gigantic yet gracefully beautiful translucent leaf.

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