Theme Parks

Theme parks are beautifully complex systems of storytelling, operations, attractions, economics and human behaviour. They’re as much about the guests as the owners, and the best of them succeed because they invite people to escape and have fun. Our global portfolio includes 30 years as the theme park designer of choice for some of the world’s biggest brands: Universal, LEGO®, Samsung Everland and more. And we’ve been invited back to create up to a dozen different sites for the same clients because we’re proud to say that we’re their trusted partners.

Key Projects

Dollywood Wildwood Grove

Working with Dollywood and Herschend Family Entertainment, see how we were a part of designing a themed land inspired by Dolly Parton’s childhood.

LEGOLAND Deutschland

Learn how a good fit with one of the world’s most recognized brands leads to a theme park experience that just gets better and better.

Universal Studios Florida

Get a behind-the-scenes look at FORREC’s role in creating star attraction theme parks around the world, starting with a true classic – Universal Studios Florida.

Nickelodeon Universe

See how the tremendous drawing power of the Nickelodeon brand materializes into a sensational entertainment environment at Mall of America.

Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort

Explore a utopian theme park that honours the diversity of the region and strengthens the relationship with a visionary client.

Wanda Nanchang Outdoor Theme Park

Experience the splendors of Nanchang in this tribute to porcelain, ancient poetry, famous architecture and fairy folklore.

Everland Theme Park

Read how one of the world’s busiest theme parks builds on success by returning to FORREC for ongoing expansion and renewal.


See how an 85-foot vertical drop in an old mine and an explosion in a fireworks factory become two wildly popular rides.

MOI Park

Read the imaginative story behind an otherworldly fantasy environment where the normal rules of nature simply do not apply.

F1-X Theme Park

Discover how FORREC turns the Formula 1 brand into a formula for fun with a master plan that puts guests in the driver’s seat.

Oriental Imperial Valley Theme Park

Follow the process that transforms China’s incredibly rich history and culture into a magnificent and completely immersive experience.

Enchanted Kingdom

Discover how a storybook setting, magical wizard and ambitious expansion are brought to life as if by a wave of the wizard’s wand.

Canada's Wonderland

Read how a country with no signature theme park goes big and creates a mountain-sized version.

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