Over the moon with limitless possibilities

Client Grupo Vidanta

The largest timeshare developer in North America wanted to elevate the typical timeshare model to the status of major resort destination. The only direction provided for the almost 190-hectare site was an eight-word brief by creative collaborators Cirque du Soleil: “Different moons disseminate landscape elements across the site.”

When we heard the brief, we immediately knew we had the opening line to an other-worldly story that would challenge all our creative juices. We considered elements such as a water park, eco jungle experience, heritage museum, circus studio, entertainment gardens, a culinary centre, ecological swim attraction and festival market. As can happen with projects, this one never moved forward, but we still consider it an inspiring exercise in unrestricted creative thinking.

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Services completed 2012



Art Direction

Attraction Design

Landscape Architecture

Master Planning

Program Development


Master planning and concept design

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