Tianjin Science Discovery Centre & Planetarium

Experience our shared world in a whole new way

Client Xiamen SM City Co. Ltd.

Inspiring children to learn more was the thinking behind this project. Our client wanted to spark an interest in science through informal learning that could be further explored through school. With the overarching storyline: Discover the Physical World We Share, FORREC’s design unfolded into three fascinating, enjoyable and interactive areas surrounding a central digital planetarium.

Guests learn about earth sciences and climatology, ecology and the environment, and the world within our own bodies – always with plenty of hands-on opportunities to make it fun. From detonating an avalanche and making waves in a wave tank to watching an animated heart beat in time with your own, science becomes an irresistible attraction.

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Tianjin, China
Opened 2015


Art Direction

Exhibit Design

Interior Design


Concept design and schematic design

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