The Villages

A big idea inspired by small town America

Client The Villages

Our developer client, who had a large tract of land in Central Florida, wanted to redefine retirement living by creating thriving neighbouring villages, each with its own personality and its own retail, dining and entertainment core. FORREC was onboard from the beginning, and during a 20+ year creative collaboration, built three distinctively themed village centres.

Spanish Springs, Sumter Landing and Brownwood are all inspired by the best of 19th century small town America. For instance, we discovered that Florida has a surprising cowboy heritage and that immediately opened up the design possibilities. Particular attention was also paid to maintaining a healthy flow of visitors from neighbouring areas to keep the villages prospering and active. Vibrant town squares featuring exciting programming, restaurants, cafés and shops have helped to make The Villages one of the most successful lifestyle communities in North America.

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Florida, USA
Spanish Springs, Opened 1995
Lake Sumter Landing, Opened 2004
Brownwood, Opened 2012



Graphic Design

Landscape Architecture

Master Planning

Program Development

Wayfinding & Signage


Phase 1 - Master Planning, Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development

Local Architects of Record
FORREC US Inc - Savannah Center, Golf Clubs, Residential Townhouse Developments
Christoff Krietemeyer & Associates – Local Architects of Record: Spanish Springs
Farmer Baker Barrios + Christoff Krietemeyer & Associates: Sumter Landing
Christoff Krietemeyer & Associates: Brownwood

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