Thanh Xuan Park

An above ground urban experience below the water line

Client Vina Megastar Group

In the heart of Hanoi, our developer client envisioned a landmark destination where leisure, retail, hospitality and commercial facilities could be embraced in a world class urban park. FORREC’s solution tucked over 130,000 square metres of prime commercial retail so neatly into the landscape that only 6,600 square metres is visible above ground.

Under a beautifully landscaped knoll, an aquarium, retail, restaurants and indoor theme park open onto an airy central courtyard that descends four levels below grade. A 9,000 square metre lake serves as part of the city’s overall water management system and offers leisure boating, fishing, a lakeside promenade with cafés and even an island teahouse connected by a foot bridge. A dramatic waterfall cascades from the surface to the lower plaza spaces. Thanh Xuan Park demonstrates a commitment to greening the city and setting a direction for future development.

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Hanoi, Vietnam
Under construction


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