Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Education and entertainment in perfect harmony

Client Shanghai Science and Technology Centre

Our client’s vision to revitalize the nation through science and education meant expectations were high for this 13,000 square metre project to be a superior learning experience. FORREC’s challenge was to intrigue and entertain guests by elevating science content to a much more exciting interactive and experiential level.

Guests enter each of the six FORREC-designed themed galleries through a portal that opens the door of knowledge. An introduction area sets the tone of the educational message within, and an exciting attraction heightens the learning experience. Guests can then apply the lesson for themselves in an interactive free flow area. Discovery theatres, a laser/nuclear energy ride and a dark ride through the human body make science an attraction worth experiencing.

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Shanghai, China
Opened 2006


Design Management

Exhibit Design

Program Development


Master planning, concept design, design development and site review

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