Qingdao International Tourist City

Ocean waves inspire a city by the sea

Client China International Travel Services

It was obvious from the start that the stunning oceanside topography of the 65-hectare site would play a pivotal role in this world-class mixed-use tourist destination. To reflect the wave and ocean narrative, FORREC designed a dramatic sculptural canopy as the main architectural feature. Comprising a series of undulating and overlapping planes, it shelters the splendid amenities beneath.

Like the ocean, this city would have perpetual energy – it would be a city full of culture, filled with vitality. A vibrant mix of branded entertainment, including duty-free shopping, RDE street, cultural centre, performance stage, luxury and family hotels, SOHO offices and residential area, would be enhanced by an exhibition centre, performance theatre and artists' village.

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Qingdao, China
Competition 2014



Landscape Architecture

Master Planning


FORREC Ltd, Forrec Architects Ltd:
Master Planning, Concept Design

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