OCT Zhengzhou Jinshuihe Project

A river runs through it

Client OCT Wuhan

The Jinshuihe River forms the backbone of FORREC’s master plan for this new cultural entertainment district in Zhengzhou. A series of landscaped rooms blend the area’s rich history with its bright, modern future. An ecological wetlands park, Silk Road theme park, archeological relics park, modern arts centre and community recreational facilities are linked by a dramatic series of formal pedestrian links.

Urban landscape boulevards extend outward from the river park system to provide direct and safe connections to further engage the surrounding community areas. A robust central urban district includes a hotel and waterpark, outdoor retail street, aquarium, hi-tech entertainment centre and children’s career experience. An arts and entertainment district, activated by weekly outdoor markets, and an arts centre anchor the development. This urban green belt, similar in scale to New York’s Central Park, is designed to attract locals and tourists.

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Zhengzhou, China
22 ha
Services completed



Landscape Architecture

Master Planning


FORREC Ltd, Forrec Architects Ltd:
Master Planning, Concept Design

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