Longleat Resort and Water Park

Client Longleat Enterprises Limited

To attract more guests and let them enjoy England’s historic Longleat Safari Park, FORREC has designed a resort hotel, conference facility and water park. The development is inspired by the rich history of the 400-year old manor house and grounds and offers new experiences to add the Longleat experience.

Nestled on a 36-hectare site just three kilometres from the House & Safari Park, the resort’s time period draws cues from the Age of Discovery, which allowed for global mapping of the world. The architecture embraces the British Arts and Crafts movement while the character expressed in the place reflects the ecology, agriculture, and culture found in the explorations. The concept features formal gardens, idyllic views, a watering hole where exotic animals wander freely and a spectacular indoor-outdoor water park. FORREC has been instrumental in creating the master plan for the entire site.

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Wiltshire, England
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Landscape Architecture

Master Planning

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FORREC Ltd, Forrec Architects Ltd:
Master Planning, Concept Design

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