Circus City

A circus destination like no other

Client Xikou Tourism Group

The international family destination envisioned by our client was to be based on the strong brand of the WuQiao Circus that would be headquartered here. The 94-hectare site had to promote circus culture and combine world-class retail, dining, entertainment and hospitality in uniquely circus-centric ways. FORREC’s vibrant city centre plan was inspired by the props and theatrical movements of circus performers.

The Circus Theatre, with seating for 5,000, was designed as a series of large overlapping fans. The indoor theme park, with a full spectrum of rides and attractions, evokes multiple hoops in motion. The indoor water park is a gracefully undulating structure with a ribbon-like exterior. These dazzling structures anchor an experiential and entertaining environment where guests can learn, perform, interact with circus perfomers and celebrate all things circus.

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Zhengding, China
Services completed 2014



Master Planning


FORREC Ltd, Forrec Architects Ltd:
Master Planning, Concept Design

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