Center Parcs Domaine des Trois Forêts

An exotic tropical forest finds a home in a French water park

Client Center Parcs

Every few years a new resort emerges under the Center Parcs brand, and FORREC has been on board for four of them. In Moselle, France, our client wanted to create the next generation of water parks with wet and dry play focus. We blurred the lines between indoors and out and created a full sensory guest experience in three thematic environments.

Inspired by the lushness of tropical forests and coasts, FORREC used natural materials, plantings, sounds and aromas to enhance the primeval jungle effect. A graceful translucent roof floods the space with natural light year round and, in the summertime, façades open to allow for natural ventilation. In 2010, this project received a World Waterpark Association (WWA) Award for Waterpark Industry Innovation.

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Moselle, France
Opened 2010


Art Direction

Landscape Architecture

Master Planning

Program Development


Master planning and concept design

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