Court Sin

Studio Director – Architecture

Court Sin

Court joined FORREC in 2014 as an award-winning architect with 10+ years practice experience. Since then, he has proven himself a leader within the architecture studio by directing design, streamlining processes, overseeing teams, and budget management – all while maintaining key client relationships and elevating FORREC projects.

As Studio Director, Court continues to provide his expertise to FORREC’s architecture studio. As a highly collaborative project leader, he works closely with management to develop best practices for his Studio to produce extraordinary projects from any brief. Court has extensive knowledge in his field. His specialization in Third Place Theory, the space between home and workplace, led him to publish his first book in 2008. Entitled The One Third You Are Missing – Designing Third Places to Revitalize Downtowns, it focuses on the significance of designing authentic social places and is supplemented by thoughts from Ray Oldenburg and Will Alsop.

Quick Facts About Court

PHILOSOPHY: Design evolves through understanding history and knowing how to challenge it

HOW HE RELAXES:Abstract acrylic painting on large format canvas

INSPIRATION: Intuitive design

ALWAYS ON THE HUNT FOR: An authentic bar, restaurant or shop that only locals can recommend

"Our design process openly invites participants to lend their talents, experiences and intuition toward tailoring unique and customized solutions."

– Court Sin

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