Steven Shah

Vice President

Steven Shah

Steve is vice president at FORREC Ltd., a global entertainment design company. He packs 30 years of design strategy, business savvy and technical knowledge into his role. At any given time, Steve can be winging his way to China, India or the UAE to pull the trigger on the next exciting project.

Steve keeps FORREC at the forefront of design. Previously our senior director of mixed use + entertainment sector, he is a serious multi-tasker with a highly strategic mind. Steve handles business planning and manages projects that have development cycles of three to five years. As a landscape architect by training, he’s attracted by the big idea and the impact a strong master plan can have on a project. He loves to collaborate with clients to make their spaces unique, personal and engaging. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, Steve’s a powerful ally to developers worldwide.

Quick Facts About Steven

Inspiration: World travel, especially Asia

Always on the Hunt for: Great books and inspirational speakers

“FORREC is all about the guest experience. We see place making as an integral part of every design so people are engaged, healthy and happy – because that’s what keeps them coming back.”

– Steven Shah

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