Eric J. O’Rourke

Senior Director - Theme Parks

Eric J. O’Rourke

Eric is our senior director of theme parks, which means his career can legitimately be described as a rollercoaster ride. But the truth is Eric knows as much about the ins and outs of theme parks as he does their ups and downs.

Eric has a proven ability to effectively assess the client’s goals and expectations, match them with project development realities, and shape the resulting project into a memorable guest experience. After graduating as a landscape architect, Eric worked for several companies before co-founding a boutique resort and hospitality design firm where he managed and designed international resort and hospitality projects. He joined FORREC in 2010 as director of resorts and has worked on several high-profile projects around the world.

Quick Facts About Eric

Inspiration: Exploring new cultures

Outside of work: Plays squash, scuba dives

Favourite way to travel: Off the beaten path

“The best client relationships are those that inspire camaraderie and mutual respect. There is always something to learn from working with someone on a project.”

– Eric J. O’Rourke

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