Thomas Gould

Director - Resorts

Thomas Gould

As our director of resorts, Thomas spends several days a month travelling to amazing resorts around the world. And while it may seem like vacationing is his full-time job, he’s really an expert in hospitality planning and design.

Thomas has developed luxury ski resorts in the mountains of Japan and landmark projects in Europe, the Middle East, China and Russia. You could say his career takes him from one extreme to another. The unique culture and distinct natural features of each resort destination inspire his work. He is a landscape architect with more than 18 years’ experience with major firms in Singapore, London and Vancouver. Big picture thinking and strong client connections are central to his master plans, and a memorable guest experience is always at the forefront. He still remembers the wonder of his first resort experience at age eight, and that feeling is what he strives to capture in the resorts he now creates.

Quick Facts About Thomas

Inspiration: Nature

How he relaxes: Canoe-camping in Algonquin Park, downhill skiing

Always on the Hunt For: Deep fresh powder

“No two projects are ever alike and that means no two days are ever alike. It keeps us all inspired to come up with fresh ideas and creative solutions.”

– Thomas Gould

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