Gordon Dorrett

Executive Director
Past President

Gordon Dorrett

In October 2017, Gord passed his CEO baton to Cale Heit, and moved on to his next role at FORREC – our executive director.

Change and evolution is very much a part of Gord’s DNA. He can now be seen alongside master planners and the creative team huddled in the central meeting area or intently working on fly-throughs with 3-D modellers. He’s also acting as wingman to the new CEO, to ensure a smooth transition over the next several years. That’s when he’s not challenging our creative director to a morning pool game on the company table. He’s one of those people with a mind that never rests. He’s relentless in looking for the better idea or approach to drive project successes – always with a clear view to the financials and market trends. As the son of a diplomat, Gord started life in Regina but was soon travelling the world. From working on natural gas pipelines in Sumatra to planning a small town in Nigeria, with plenty of other stamps in his passport, Gord is a student of the world. He has helped build FORREC into a global entertainment design company with more than 130+ employees and projects in more than 20 countries.

Quick Facts About Gordon

Inspiration: Good design in the smallest thing

Philosophy: Always work from the gut

Reads: Will Self, Augusten Burroughs, David Sedaris

Always on the Hunt For: Labbits (hard to describe, look it up)

“Some people think fun in the design world is a dirty word, or too low brow. But there’s nothing better than walking through something fun you helped get built and seeing people joyously smiling and enjoying every minute of it.”

– Gordon Dorrett

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