Matt Dawson

Vice President - Business Development

Matt Dawson

Matt is our executive in charge of potential – recognizing it, developing it and making it a reality. He can see the bigger picture in every project, and his unrivalled enthusiasm for making the most of every opportunity makes clients happy and guests even happier. If your project needs to entice people to explore and embrace your story, you’ll want Matt in your corner.

Matt began his career as an architect, then quickly discovered his true calling was to create extraordinary destinations and memorable experiences for people. Matt’s mantra is why just visit a place when you can completely immerse yourself in it? To that end, Matt has been an exhibition designer and consultant, in-house senior museum leader at three museums in Canada and the U.S., and project director, creative lead and executive at FORREC. He maintains a consistent presence in all our projects, starting with business development and extending to project management and creative direction. Matt believes if you build it right, people will come. And that’s where his keen understanding of what people want cross-pollinates with what clients need for a mutually enriched and satisfying experience. Matt is an engaging, much sought after speaker whose insights into what’s possible have inspired some of FORREC’s most successful designs.

Quick Facts About Matt

Inspiration: Contemporary Art

Favourite Museums: Tate Gallery (UK), Soane Museum (UK)

Star of: Museums 101, a FORREC lunch and learn series

Always on the Hunt For: Fascinating clients

“I get so much out of collaborating with our clients, who are often very excited about telling their stories. The back and forth during the creative phase of any project is where the best ideas are born.”

– Matt Dawson

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