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The people who work at FORREC come from many disciplines, cultures and points of view. We like our eclectic selves and want to attract people who are equally diverse, bright and talented. Working for FORREC means never really knowing what your day will be like. Yes, you can be assigned to one key project, or many, but you’re always on call to contribute ideas to the overall creative. FORREC means For Recreation, so we work hard, but we play hard as well. As our CEO often says, “we aren’t afraid of the F word.” (that’s Fun, in case you thought we meant something else).

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Job Opportunities

The FORREC Intern Program

FORREC makes a commitment to support future talent in our leading educational institutions. That’s why every semester, each of our five studios hires an intern, co-op student, or summer student to work with them and experience FORREC and entertainment design first-hand. We have recruited from University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, Seneca College, OCAD University, University of Guelph and Ryerson University and welcome applications from other schools. If you’d like to work with us through our intern program, just contact your co-op or job placement counsellor.

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